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Tips - General

Local Hobby Shop

NRC Hobby Shop, 225 Terminal Avenue, Nanaimo. 250-591-0250  


They are soon going to have the website showing all the items they keep, and I am told that  you will be able to order online from them. They carry any Horizon Hobby products, plus a couple of other big suppliers products, which I can get the names of at a later date.

Submitted by Jim Sheppard, July 2017

Safety Bench

I first saw this type of model airplane bench at the Edmonton RC field. Might be a cheaper way of replacing our tables when we decide to replace them.

Submitted by Norm Lunt, May 2014.

Great sites for help

flitetest.com and RC Model Reviews are both websites that contains a number of videos that explain some aspect of our hobby. They both do it well and you will likely find something useful here.

Submitted by Rusty Lockwood, December 2012.

RC Connectors

Ever get confused about all the different connectors available in our hobby? I did, so I tried to get a handle on them and created this document to remind me. If I missed any or got some wrong, let me know.

Submitted by Ian Smith, March 2012.



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