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Secutity and Privacy

Personal Data Availabilty 

The PDQ Flyers Club maintains an online data base containing Member's contact information and preferences, plus photographs as individuals or in groups.  We do not have access to (and therefore do not maintain) financial information entered during fees payment.

If you are sensitive about any of this information being on the internet, then this next section may be of interest to you.

Web Search Engines

These are known as "web crawlers", "spiders", "robots", and various other names, but all of them come in one of two flavours: those that play by the rules and those that don't.  The latter are usually interested in either financial information or email addresses for SPAM targets.

All of these searches read and parse individual web pages (which are available to anyone) looking for whatever information they're interested in collecting.  Most web pages are readable by a computer easily as they are in the same text form that you see on your browser screen.

A factoid for you: there are approximately 100 million websites on the internet and Google monitors 50 billion pages, reading them within days of their changing.

On entry to a site, all honest web searchers check for a file called "robot.txt", which tells them if there are areas on the site where you do not want them to look.

To foil access from search engines who do not follow the rules, with a little extra effort, we can keep data on the server and only make it available to the browser when it wants to show it on the screen.  This is called "server side" as opposed to "client side" data.  Since this doesn't show up on the web page read by the search engine, the information is kept private. 

PDQ Flyers

On our site, we give search engines free access to our main site, but our Member's Section is off limits.  If you do a Google search of yourself, you may find your name popping up as the member of the Noise Committee (for example), but your Member Page with your name and particulars will not.

In addition, all personal contact information (both on the main site and the Member's Section) is "server side".  It cannot be seen by web searchers.

Our data base is only available through passwords and is as secure as the security mechanisms of HostPapa can make it. 


For those that are still concerned about the public availabilty of their personal information or photos, we have provided Privacy Preferences on the Data Update form which allows you to indicate that you do want the following to appear in the Member's Section:

  • address - if this is checked, your address will be blank
  • phone - if this is checked, your phone numbers will be blank
  • name - if this is checked, there will be no Member Page created for you
  • photo - if this is checked, your headshot will not be included in the Member's Gallery

I hope that this explanation is sufficient to alleviate any concerns and that you do not check these Privacy boxes.  Fellow members use this infomation to contact you (or in the case of photos, to recognize you on the field!) and appreciate its availabilty.

Please contact the webmaster if this explanation raises questions and you would like to discuss it.





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