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Pre-season check out

This year before your first flight of the day there are a few things that you need to check on your model to insure a safe flight.

  1. Before you turn on radio place proper channel marker on the frequency board. Range check radio, collapse antenna and walk 75' - 100' at least, you should have full control of surfaces and no interface. 
  2. Are the batteries charged do the batteries need to be replaced, cycle the batteries with a discharger to insure they are up to the job. Do not fly batteries that read lower than 4.8 volts when tested with 1amp load. 
  3. Are all screws linkages, wire connections tight? Make sure the muffler & carburetor, back plate screws have not worked loose. 
  4. Grab the flight box and bring the entire hanger out for the day!. Have a safe flight and remember that the take off is optional, the landing is mandatory. 


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