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Heli Hints 

Interested in RC helicopters and want to learn how to fly them, but the cost and potential for crashing your new model is making you cautious.

Tip # 1 get a Simulator

An RC helicopter flight simulator is a program that simulates the flight of a real RC helicopter, from the controls to the physics of flight, to weather conditions. running from $130 to $200. The price you pay for the simulator will be less than the cost to fix your model after your first crash.

However, with a simulator, the inevitable crashes will not cost you time or money, unlike with a real model - you will be back flying again, in the time it takes to load a screen. This means that the flight simulators are an excellent place to gain initial flying orientation, try complicated flying moves, and gain confidence, without the worry of damaging an expensive model.

The outlay for a simulator can in fact save you money over time.

The most common flight simulators are:

RealFlight Generation 3 RC Flight Simulator, which even comes with a controller that models a real radio so you can get a total immersive experience. Models are modeled after real one but the scenery’s are more like a video game, you can buy expansions to add more models and realistic scenery’s at extra cost. This cost around $225 and is available from local hobby shops.

Reflex XTR This one does NOT come with a controller, there for you use your actual controller that you are going to be flying with, this is a good choice if you have already purchased a controller. Models are modeled after real ones and free to download, scenery’s are modeled after real ones also free to download. This cost around $225 and is available from local hobby shops.

Tip # 2 Come out to the Field

Before you buy your first helicopter and gear it is a good idea to come out to the field and talk to some of the members. They can tell you what a good buy is and what to stay away from as they have already been there.

One of the best things that you can do is buy brands that you can get help with, if the members in the club mainly use a certain brand of radio or helicopter, then you know that someone will be able to help you with your setup. You can also get tips and pointers on what support equipment you will need as well as what to spend a bit more on for the quality or convince of use.

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