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Group eMail Broadcast


This form is to prepare a broadcast message for a special interest group or for the whole Club.  You must be in the interest group to send a broadcast. 

To send a message that is intended for every member, select the "PDQ Flyers" button below.  This is intended for Club Executive only and is password protected (contact the Club President to request authorization)The button labeled "General Interest" selects all members who have checked off that interest group, which is usually all members, so if you need to reach everyone and don't have the password, use it.

When you have completed the form, press "Send my Message" and the broadcast message will be sent to your target group.  (Don't forget to remove the message instructions first!).

The lists are provided in case you'd like to send a message with an attachment or add other email addresses.  Copy and paste the list into the "To:"  or "Cc:" box of your email.  Some email systems want comma delimited lists and some just spaces, so choose the list your's likes.

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