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Awards and Trophies

Martin Nash Instructor Award

Barry Burynuik has again this year been awarded the Martin Nash award by the Club's instructors.

Norm Bowen Memorial Trophy

The Norm Bowen Memorial trophy was created following Norm's death in February of 2003.  Norm was an excellent modeller, in fact the "Little Toot" he built is still being flown by one of our club members.  Norm was what others call a modeller's modeller.  He loved pylon racing and in his day was very good at it.  He hated to just "flub" around the sky, as he called it.  His history in modelling goes way back to when he was a youngster in England and he pretty well ran the gamut of the hobby from free flight, to control line, to radio control.  He was also very active in the hobby in Ontario before coming to B.C. and knew many of the old time modellers.  The hobby lost a great asset when Norm passed away and I lost a very good friend and mentor.

History provided by Jim Sheppard.

This award is giving in recognition of a member's significant contribution to the club during the year.  This year it was  awarded to Randy Champagne.

Past winners:

  • 2018: Randy Champagne
  • 2017: Greg Brunt
  • 2016: Greg Brunt
  • 2015: Leo Katila
  • 2014: Keith Hoelscher
  • 2013: Gret Brunt 
  • 2012: Brian (Rusty) Lockwood 
  • 2011: Brian (Rusty) Lockwood 
  • 2010: Bruce Berry 
  • 2009: Brian (Rusty) Lockwood and Don Varnadore 

Charles Hathaway Memorial Award

This award is given to the Club Member who is voted the "Most Improved" flyer for the year.  This year it was awarded to Derek Hanna.

Past winners:

  • 2018: Derek Hanna
  • 2017: Craig MacQuarrie
  • 2016: Derek Hanna
  • 2015: Brian Oltmann 
  • 2014: Keith Hoelscher




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