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About our Club

Mission Statement

The PDQ Flyers (Parksville District and Qualicum Flyers) is a non profit society operating as a charter member of M.A.A.C.
( Model Aeronautics Association of Canada).
Our club is committed to the enjoyment, advancement, and promotion of model aviation in all its forms by way of the camaraderie and common interest of its members.

Constitution and Bylaws


The Club was formed in 1982 by the late Bill Martin and Marty Nash. Brian Price and Bill Rollins are now our only original members.

BIll MartinA few years before he died, Bill Martin provided us with a description of the club's origin:

"In 1980, I put a large model air show on at the then deactivated Boundary bay Airport in Delta. The Lions Club provided the canteen and contributed to my charity, the Heart Foundation. Because of its success the Lions club in Parksville recruited me to help them do one here in 1981. It was virtually rained out but some flights were made. I was looking to retire here and Martin Nash lived here part of the time so we linked up to take names to form a club at the 1982 Air Show held in a field across the highway, opposite the now named Wembly Mall. I think we signed up about 8 or 9 members and the club grew from there. We held meetings at members houses, struggled to find flying sites of which Bill Rollins was a key player. Marty and I made an agreement that because we were outsiders so to speak (members of the RCFCBC on the mainland), we would never take office, leaving it for the locals to run in their territory, That is true to this day". 


The PDQ Flyers is an open, non-profit  Club.  Anyone who pays the Membership fee, is a current member of MAAC, and agrees to abide by our Rules may join.

To learn more about MAAC or how to join (or how to renew your membership), go to the Membership page.

DND Lease

Our arrangement with the DND is precious to us and it is important for all of our members to be aware of the terms of our Lease.  Please review it here.

As a part of keeping the field tidy, it is sometimes necessary to remove a stranded plane from a tree where none of us feels capable of retrieving it.  One option is to call on a local tree services person, Wade Stewart.  He charges in the neighbourhood of $100 to climb up and get it.  Call him at 250-248-6679 to make arrangements.


PDQ Flyers hold monthly meetings to discuss Club business and activities. There is usually time for a presentation on some aspect of our hobby, which might include: model construction tips or demo, flying, radio equipment or a persons personal experiences.

It is an opportunity to meet other club members, introduce yourself as a potential new member, or bring up items of interest or concern to the club.

These meetings are held at 7:00 pm, on the second Wednesday of every month, traditionally at Parksville Community Centre, 132 E. Jensen Ave., Parksville.  Starting in 2016, meetings will be held at other locations, as determined by the Executive.  To make sure you know the location for the next Club Meeting, check the Club News page.

The July and August meetings are held at our flying field.

Wherever they are, the public is welcome to attend.

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