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PDQ Rules

Nanoose Field Lease

PDQ Flyers is fortunate to be allowed access to our main flying field from the DND at a very modest rate. The field covers approximately 50 of 220 DND acres and our lease is for shared usage with (occasional) military activities taking precedence. The lease includes a liability waiver so our MAAC insurance coverage is essential.

Since the DND are motivated to provide this to us as a community service, it is extremely important that our members ensure that the agreed procedures and expectations be met or exceeded. The lease has a 5 year term but it may be cancelled at DND pleasure.


MAAC has gone to a great deal of trouble to define best practices in our hobby and have documented rules, guidelines, and R/C Field Etiquette to ensure that flyers and spectators are safe, that problems are minimized, and that we can enjoy our hobby. In addition, our insurance coverage is through MAAC and therefore we need to know and must abide by their rules.

A copy of the MAAC rules and guidelines can be found here.

A copy of the PDQ Flyers rules can be found here.

PDQ Flyers Rules

  1. All pilots must have a current M.A.A.C. membership, copies of M.A.A.C. and P.D.Q. Flyers membership cards must be attached to your frequency pin. 
  2. All M.A.A.C. and P.D.Q. Flyers Rules must be obeyed at all times, no exceptions. 
  3. EVERYONE is required to sign the DND waiver form (one time only). 
  4. M.A.A.C. Frequency Board to be used at all times.  Transmitter and Frequency Pins for 72 MHZ radios must be kept in the impound area when not flying.  2.4 GHZ radios exempt from impound policy, but pins must be attached to Frequency Board.   Be respectful to others, limit flights to 15 minutes if sharing a frequency. 
  5. Absolutely no flying behind the flight line, which is end to end of the cut grass field.  Aircraft flying high alpha maneuvers commonly know as 3D can come no  closer to the pits than the centre line of the runway (approximately 30' in front of the flight line). 
  6. Communicate your intentions “LOUDLY” so others on the flight line can hear you!  “ON THE FIELD”, ”LANDING FROM THE LEFT", “LANDING FROM THE RIGHT” , “TAKE OFF FROM THE LEFT”, “TAKING OFF FROM THE RIGHT. If you get in trouble: “SHOUT IT OUT.”
  7. Noise Rules: (Electric Exempt)  
    • No starting of engines before 10AM or after sunset. 
    • Maximum 5 aircraft at one time before 5 PM and 3 after 5PM.
    • Aircraft must not exceed 92 db @ 6 meters, measured on the “A” weighting scale at the loudest orientation 
    • RULE EXEMPTION :  95db @ 6 meters with the following 3 conditions: 
      • Only one aircraft in the air,
      • Pilots agree to stand down, and
      • Never after5 PM. 
    • All Gas/Glow engines must be equipped with a proper muffler and current DB  sticker attached in plain view, no exemptions for club members.
  8. Fail Safe must be configured for either throttle off or low throttle position if radio is capable.
  9. All garbage must be taken away by whoever brought it.
  10. Guest flyers may visit our field 3 times per year (excluding events).  If you visit more often you are expected to join the club.  Current  A.M.A.  members  are welcome.
  11. Until Pilots have been trained and certified,  all flying will be under Certified Club Instructors using the  "Buddy Box Training System."  Instructors are not to be held responsible for damage to a student’s equipment, if there is a accident.
  12. All Children and Pets must be kept under control at all times. Pets on a leash.  During any active flying, Pets are restricted from the pits and pilot shack areas.
  13. Absolutely no alcohol permitted on premises.
  14. Parking in parking area only. Respect handicap parking area. As per M.A.A.C. rules no parking within 100 feet of the flight line. However, loading and unloading aircraft and accessories is permitted (at your own risk) in a loading zone adjacent to the tables for a MAXIMUM duration of 5 minutes.
  15. First one at the field is responsible for ensuring that someone phones in to the gate house to advise them that the field is in use.  The last one to leave the field is responsible to make sure that the gate house has been advised that everyone has left the premises.
  16. Last one out must lock the gate.
  17. Absolutely no flying of turbine aircraft during high or extreme forest fire conditions. Only concealed flameless (compressor equipped) turbine aircraft allowed and only with a horizontal jet blast. No starting propane bottles installed on the aircraft allowed.  A spotter must always be present. Two people must be ready with 5 lb CO2 fire extinguishers. All aircraft must have Kevlar fuel tanks with a  maximum 4 liters of fuel.  Aircraft  must be equipped with a mechanical fuel shut-off valve and a electric computer managed fuel feed valve. There must be a cell phone on site and the aircraft must have been inspected by thePDQ Flyers safety committee .
  18. All aircraft  must be tethered when starting or being run up on the tables.  All aircraft should be facing the shack when started on the pit tables.
  19. NO SMOKING in Pit area or pilot shack, be respectful of others.
  20. Helicopters and Airplanes do not fly at the same time. 

Respect your fellow flyer!

Exercise common sense!

We are here to have fun!

Have a great day!!!


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