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PDQ Flyers is a MAAC (Model Aeronautics Association of Canada) affiliated club which means that members must also maintain membership of MAAC. Members must follow both the MAAC rules and PDQ Flyers rules. Being part of MAAC provides us with insurance that protects the club and its members, provides us a representation at local, national and international government levels, and links us with other model flying clubs around the country.

Membership Types

  • Full Member (adult): the basic membership for those who wish to fly with us 
  • Full Member (junior): persons under 18 years old on January 1st who wish to fly with us
  • Social Membership, a Non Voting, Non Flying membership that will allow members/prospective members who because of age OR other reasons do not fly to still enjoy the social aspects and camaraderie of our club. $30 per year.

Membership Fees

  • Annual Full Adult membership: $100 per year 
  • New Full Adult Member initiation fee: $50 one time
  • Annual Full Junior membership: free
  • Annual Social membership: $30 per year

If a field key is requested, there is a $5 field key deposit.

All memberships run for a calendar year and the fee for continuing membership comes due at the beginning of the year. To encourage prompt payment any continuing full adult member will receive a rebate of $25 if their fee is paid before February 1st.

First year Full Adult membership fee is prorated for when in the year you join. Adjusted fees are as follows:

  • join for the full year, $75 membership plus $50 initiation
  • join after July 1st, $50 membership plus $50 initiation
  • join after September 1st, $25 membership plus $50 initiation

Joining PDQ Flyers

If you are thinking of joining PDQ Flyers and have any questions before you do so, contact our Vice President, Allan MacMillan, at  .

To begin the application process, please send an email to the Webmaster, Mike Gaskin, at  with your full name and MAAC number so that it can be registered in our system. 

Note that although an application for membership will be accepted if your MAAC number is dormant, new membership cards will only be issued to members when their MAAC membership has been actived for the Membership year requested.

When your MAAC number has been registered, you will get a confirmation email alerting you that you can now complete the application process.  You do this online by going to the Membership Data Update page. This procedure asks that you provide your contact information (required) and any club preferences that you might have (this can be added at any time and is not required for membership).

Upon successful addition of your contact information, you will be asked if you'd like to apply for membership, which you can complete and then, if you wish, pay online.  This payment service is a PayPal facility but it does not require that you have a PayPal account; you may use a credit card as well.  Of course, you can pay the Treasurer directly by cash or check at a meeting or by mail.

Note that there is no fee for Junior Members, so they should decline the payment option.

Once your membership has been confirmed your contact information will be forwarded to the club's New Member Director to arrange a meeting:

  • to introduce you to our club, our airfield and safety rules, and to review general R/C field etiquette;
  • to discuss training needs and, if required, coordinate a training program with the Club Instructors; and
  • for new Members who can already fly, to arrange for a flight check with one of our Instructors (an informal observed flight to validate that the new member qualifies for their PDQ Wings without going through the formal test procedure).

This process is called "Ground School" and it is a pre-requisite to obtaining your PDQ Wings. Regardless of flying skills, ALL new members require PDQ Club certification before they are allowed to fly at our main field (indoor flying is excluded). The training and certification procedures are described on our Training Program page.

Renewing a PDQFlyers membership

Renewing members must update their database entry by going to the Membership Data Update page and correcting any contact information that is out of date. Current contact information is important in case of an accident and is required by the owners of our field, the Department of National Defense.

After confirming your details you can apply for membership and arrange payment just as is described above for new members. Once payment and current MAAC membership have been confirmed a new membership card will be issued.

The Importance of our Rules

Some people feel that rules are merely guidelines, to be rigorously followed only by the anal and not by free-thinking people like themselves.  If you are one of these, DON'T join our Club.

We have gone to some trouble to ensure that our Rules are reasonable and ALL have one of three objects in mind:

  • Safety
    • Most of our aircraft use powerful engines which spin an object with sharp edges at high speeds that can inflict serious damage to the human body if an accident occurs. We have to be very careful to make sure that this doesn't happen.
  • Continued access to our Flying Field
    • Our agreement with the DND gives us access to an enviable location and is subject to the Military's good will. It is extremely important that we abide by their rules and maintain their property in a way that they find acceptable.
  • Neighbour Relations
    • The major cause of the loss of a flying facility is neighbour complaints, usually about noise. Although our nearest neighbours are not overly close, it is still important that we don't disturb them with our activites.

Our Application Form requires that you have read and agree to abide by our PDQ Flyers rules.  All members should take the trouble to alert another member who seems unaware of one of our Rules but repeated or intentional infractions are dealt with by our Executive Committee.

MAAC Insurance

The total cost of all the Insurance Policies our Club carries at MAAC is about $120,000, of which  approximately $84,000 is for the members general liability policy.  The deductible for each incident is $5,000.  MAAC absorbs $4,500  of the deductible (self insures).   The remaining $500 comes from the member involved ($250) and the club involved ($250.)  If someone from another club has an accident, then he is responsible for the $500 deductible.  If an accident occurs at a Sanctioned Event then the club and the individual involved split the $500.


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