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Who we are...

PDQ Flyers is a model aircraft club with about 90 members. All of us have a love of aircraft and flying, in all its forms.  This includes building - both scale and non-scale models, and flying - float planes, aerobatics, 3D and stunt flying, helicopters, and totally made up things that fly because they have an airfoil and a propeller.  One of our members flies Snoopy's dog house!!

In June, 2013, Shaw TV filmed some of our flyers in action and published the video on the "Go Island" section of their website.  It's available on YouTube here (for some reason, it takes a minute or two to load, so be patient...).

Why you might be interested...

If you have an interest in airplanes or helicopters or anything else that man has built that flies, take a look at the rest of this website.  You might find that this hobby fits you!  (And don't forget the kids - building and flying is a great way to do something together and young people both love and excel at it). 

Our club encourages anyone who is interested in aircraft to come out to one of our flight locations (main field, float flying location, or indoor flying) to see what we are all about and to meet our members.

If you're driving by our flying field south of Parksville and see that our gate is open, you are welcome to come in to check us out.  You must sign the DND waiver book as soon as you arrive at the field.  It has a blue cover and is kept in our shelter.  Also, please remember that visitors must park in the upper parking area and stay behind the flight tables.

Where we are...

We are located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  We draw members from cities all over central Vancouver Island.   We host several flight events during the year where the public is invited to come and take a look at our members' aircraft and watch them fly.  Sometimes we even serve hotdogs and refreshments!  The biggest event of the year is the scale model weekend.  You can see the real thing in miniature - it's fantastic.  Don't miss it!

This is our website...

It provides information and assistance to our members in four sections:

  • general information to keep our members and the public aware of events, field locations and status, training programs, club rules and processes, and links to other websites that might be of interest; 
  • expert advice, tips, and guidance on building and flying, 
  • information, opinions, and member ratings of the hobby shops that we use to source our aircraft, accessories, and equipment; and 
  • a members only section which includes a web page for each member with their interests, pictures, and personal contact information. 

Please use the comment function on "Contact Us" to ask questions or to let me know if there are things on the website that you found either confusing, difficult to use, or need more work.  I'd also like to know if there are things that could be added to the website that would make it more useful.  Just click on "provide a comment" and follow the directions.  Thanks, Ian (webmaster).

Final note...

Our field is MAAC certified and, in addition to a PDQ Flyers membership, all our flyers must have a current MAAC membership (which includes liability insurance) in order to fly at our site.  MAAC is Canada's national organization for model aviation.




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