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More information has come in: Regional District is closing all bush trails and Reports late this afternoon about how dry and dangerous things are.

The PDQ Executive is taking a proactive approach and shutting the field down. The gate will be locked and signage put up UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE THE FIELD IS CLOSED.

Submitted by Greg Brunt, August 5th, 2017

Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting has been changed from August 9th to August 16th at the field, with open flying before and after, hot dogs at 6 meeting at 7. 

However, if the the field closure is still in effect, the August meeting will be cancelled.


The July Minutes have been posted in the Members' Section.


On July 22nd and 23rd we had an information booth at the Lions sponsored Kitefest. Lots of people passed us, we were right on the main entrance exit to the main parking area. There were guys bored with kites, kids with big eyes, tourist asking directions as to where to eat, locals asking where the sand castles were. But there we 16 guys that showed real interest and took information sheets, many had built/flown before, asked where we fly, with promises that they would come and see us. Best guess we may get 2 to 5 new members.

Thank you to our members that turned out to helped. Mike Gaskin, Mo Christensen, Don Fee, Keith Hoelscher, Mr. And Mrs Tim Rowledge and Mr. And Mrs. Ray Doctor. And thanks to MAAC who lent us their tent (helps to have the Zone Director in the club). I think that we as a group had an enjoyable time.

This event is the forth and last display we will be doing this year, all in all they seemed to have worked the biggest membership ever and there are still people out there that may very well join.

Thanks to everyone that helped man these displays.

Submitted by Greg Brunt, July 2017.

Seniors' Demonstration Day

We had a demonstration day for local seniors on Friday, June 23.

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Photos submitted by Jim Harris, June, 2017.

What a fun day, for them and for us. We had about 50 seniors and 10 attended from Cokely, Arrowsmith, Trillium, The Gardens and Eagle Park. We gave them a good solid hour, showing off our flying skills. Snoopy was there, had a shaky landing, but unhurt. There was a EDF jet, a Para kite, Bi Planes, Tri Planes, high wings, low wings, and no winged Helis.

All that excitement built up a big appetite. We served 9 dozen hot dogs, 80 bags of potato chips, and a whole lot of drinks. All of that under a cloudless but warm blue sky.

Thank you, to all of you that took the time to bring your flying machines and put on such a great show.

Special thanks to Joyce Hoelscher for stepping up and cooking all those dogs. They all asked to be invited back next year. Same time, same place.

Thanks again for everyone's hard work.

Parksville Qualicum Beach News

This newspaper has published a video of our event, which you can see here. Look for "2017 seniors air show day for the Parksville District and Qualicum Flyers Club".

Submitted by Greg Brunt, June, 2017.

Bill Martin Memorial Scale Event

If you'd like to see a slide show of the photos provided by Jim Harris, click here.

The Bill Martin Memorial Scale Event was held at our field on Saturday June 24.

Lots of bright sunshine and a flyable wind. There were 19 airplanes entered: 9 were pilot built and 10 ARF/Foamie. A judge was available for anyone that wanted to fly a scale routine and be scored, but no takers. Everyone seemed to have a good time and just wanted to fly.

There were pilot choice awards for each class and an overall people’s choice award. Mike McCrindle flying a 1/5 scale P-51 Mustang was presented the Pilot’s Choice for Best Pilot Built. And our President Brian Coolican took home plaques for both People’s and Pilot Coice awards in ARF/Foamie with his Waco.

Thanks to Guenter for cooking all those Dogs and Keith Hoelscher for counting the ballots and handing out the Plaques. Also some great pictures from Jim Harris. And thanks to everyone that came out to make this a great event.

Submitted by Greg Brunt, June, 2017.

ASTTBC Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

One of our members, Jack Nellist, has recently won the 2017 Grand Prize for best photo with his organization "Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC".

Congratulations Jack!

Take a look at their report here.

Submitted by Ian Smith, June, 2017.

Aerobatic Fun Fly 2017

The Aerobatic Fun Fly was held on Saturday June 3rd with a very good attendance. Some took advantage of our aerobatic instructors, getting tips on how to do it better.

There were more than 25 aircraft (including some ‘drones’). The pilot/spectator count at lunch was 33, some of these to a first event and many of our “long time no see” members were also present. Unfortunately there was also some time spent in the Bush.

The weather was good, the flying was great, and the comradeship unbeatable. Thanks to all who attended in making this a great day.

Submitted by Greg Brunt, June, 2017.


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